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Enbsp SDK is a Software Development Kit, combining the existing BSP( Biometric Solution Provider) SDK and 1:N fingerprint engine, not only for regular fingerprint application, but also for and application using fingerprint DBs of large capacity with high fingerprint search speed. It provides High Level API( Application Programming Interface) which allows easy and swift implementation of software and Ul( User Interface) of the wizard type, so that it saves users time and effort in developing an application.
Provides optimal API for fingerprint recognition software development
Provides easy implementation for UI(User Interface) of wizard type
Fast 1:N Matching function
   - Indexing search : medium /small (a fundamental form)
   - eNSearch : large / medium size (Requires additional License fee)
Maximize fingerprint enrollment up to 10 fingerprints / 1person.
Applicable to Client / Server environment and the Web.
Support NET environment for new application development.
Customization easy by providing user interface for skin concept
Safe management of fingerprint information using 128bit encryption algorithm.
Support various fingerprint image conversion (BMP, JPG, WSQ etc.).


Windows, Linux, Android


Pentium higher

Development Language

VC++, VB, ASP, Delphi, .NET

1:N authentication

eNSearch Engine (additional license fee)

Supportable Device

Fingkey Hamster Series

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