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  NITGEN has won 1st place in FVC!
2012-01-12 15273

NITGEN - in line with its policy toward the pursuit of excellence in the field of Biometrics - has been rewarded yet again for their efforts in the Research & Development area. The CEO Mr. Huh has proudly announced that NITGEN has won 1st place in FVC (Fingerprint Verification Competition). NITGEN is extremely pleased to have been given such a prestigious award based on our products performance in the face of very strong Global competition.

The Target database used as a test-bed for the verification process was compiled from extremely low quality fingerprints. NITGENs average EER (Equal Error Rate) was 1.089%, which is better than the previously 1st ranked record 1.103%. EER is the matching point of FAR (False Acceptance Rate) and FRR (False Rejection Rate) and in calculating the result – the lower the score, the higher the degree of accuracy of the product. We are proud that this confirmation of the strength and reliability of our Algorithm has been recognized by such an august Independent body thereby verifying our previous claim to have one of the most accurate and reliable Algorithms in use in Biometrics anywhere in the World.

Mr. Huh continued: As a mark of our commitment to providing our Customer base with ever more comprehensively secure products, we will continue to invest heavily in the relevant R&D over the next years and we are confident that we will keep our place as a Global Leader in the field of Biometric Development Services.

Earlier in the year, in line with their policy of recognizing High Performance Standards in Public Service, NITGEN has been awarded the 1st place for a Technology Product by the Korean Ministry of Justice. This award was given in the face of very stiff competition from both Internal Korean Companies and from other International Electronics & Design Manufacturers operating on a Global basis. We feel that such a prestigious award reflects well on our commitment to product excellence and the highest levels of Customer Service said Mr. Huh, the NITGEN CEO.
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